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Anti-lice Prevention & Treatment

FREZYDERM LICE FREE SET Baby Products for Lice Lotion & Shampoo 2x125ml
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Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 422490
Complete treatment to eliminate lice in a natural way, soothes itching and irritation. The child's head gets rid of lice and nits naturally, effectively and safely. The treatment consists of Lice Free Shampoo, Lice Free Lotion and the special comb for the removal of lice. It works mechanically to re..
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Ex Tax:10.55€
Frezyderm Lice Rep Extreme Spray Preventive Anti-Corrosion Lotion 150ml
-36 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 5202888224270
Preventive anti-lice lotion for daily use. Gives softness and shine. It does not lubricate the hair.Use Lice Rep Extreme Spray safely. Always read the label and product information before use.ColorlessOdorlessClinically proven actionApply the product evenly on clean and dry or towel-dried hair, clos..
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Less Lice Anti-lice Hair Rubber 4pcs.
-17 %
Product Code: 6970044725679
Anti-lice Rubbers For HairLice are more likely to mainly affect people between the ages of 5 and 12 and are more common in girls. Lice are usually transmitted either by direct contact with the heads, or by sharing hats, combs, etc. Lice live for about 30-50 days and lay 100-300 eggs during their adu..
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Panthenol Extra Kids Anti-Lice Lotion Kids Anti-Lice Lotion 125ml & Comb 1Pcs.
-47 %
Brand: MEDISEI Product Code: 5200312244405
Medisei - Panthenol Extra Kids Anti-Lice Lotion Kids Anti-Lice Lotion 125mlEffectively eliminates lice and nits in just a few minutes. Dimethicone based, without harmful insecticides. The mechanism of action of Dimethicone initially leads to suffocation of lice and their eggs, and then deprives them..
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Pharmasept X-Lice Cologne Preventive anti-lice lotion daily use without fragrance 100ml
-37 %
Brand: PHARMASEPT Product Code: 5205122002399
Pharmasept - Tol Velvet X-Lice Cologne Fragrance Free Antifouling 100mlPreventive anti-lice lotion for daily use without fragrance. Offers protection from lice for up to 48 hours, without irritating the scalp.Approval number of the Ministry of Rural Development & Food: ΤΠ19- 0269Guaranteed compo..
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