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After Bite

Ag Pharm Beat it Insect repellent Lotion 100ml & GIFT After Bite Free Stick Ammonia 12gr
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Brand: ag Pharm Product Code: 1112228899378
AG PHARM Beat it Insect repellent Refreshing Lotion 100mlContains organic aloe, organic olive oil, essential oils Avocado, basil, Lavender, Panthenol and Allantoin that cool and protect the skin from bites.Does not contain colors and fragrances.Do not use by pregnant, breastfeeding and young childre..
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Ag Pharm Bite free Stick Ammonia 12gr
-53 %
Brand: ag Pharm Product Code: 5202304222668
Ag Pharm Bite free Stick Ammonia 12grSoothing Bite Free lotion for after the sting.Bite Free offers instant relief and is ideal for mosquito, jellyfish, mosquito and other insect bites.It does not contain synthetic preservatives Parabens.It is suitable for the whole family and small children.Manual:..
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Ag Pharm Calendula Moisturizing & Soothing Calendula Cream, 100ml
-15 %
Brand: ag Pharm Product Code: 5200703500394
AG PHARM CALENDULA 100MLCalendulaCream with Calendula extractCalendula cream thanks to the soothing and moisturizing properties of calendula protects the skin by strengthening its defense mechanism against the appearance of irritation and dryness. Also suitable for after the sting (of insects). ..
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Frezyderm Crilen After Nip Sting Relief Gel 30ml
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Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 5202888224263
HYDRATION & INSECT PROTECTIONCRILEN AFTER NIPProduct CEGentle gel that relieves irritated skin from insect bites as well as contact with warblers, jellyfish, nettles and anything else that can cause irritation. Its combination of plant and active extracts offers anti-inflammatory protection and ..
4.06€ 8.12€
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Intermed X-Cort, Cream-Alternative Steroid Action 50ml
-58 %
Brand: InterMed Product Code: 5205152007937
It mimics the properties of corticosteroids, without drugs. Strengthens the skin barrier, treats inflammation and irritation and provides relief to the skin with eczema, dermatitis, itching, redness, rashes.Anti-inflammatory action thanks to the combination of Glycerophosphoinositol choline, Epilobi..
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KORRES After Bite Honeysuckle Stick & Herbal Mix for stings 15ml
-46 %
Brand: KORRES Product Code: 5203069064708
BEEKEEPINGHoneysuckle herb mixture for all insect bitesSoothes irritation and itchingMAIN FEATURES & BENEFITSA mixture of herbs for all stings.MAIN INGREDIENTSContains tinctures of honeysuckle, thyme, mallow and horse chestnut.DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED..
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Medisei Summerline After Bite with ammonia 15ml
-60 %
Brand: MEDISEI Product Code: 5200312240018
AMMONIA CHAMOMILE EXTRACT ALLANTOINIRelieves immediatelyFor insects, jellyfish, nettles etc.With chamomile extractThe Summerline After Bite Stick with ammonia, thanks to its anti-irritant ingredients and the exceptional purity of ammonia it contains, immediately relieves the skin from bites and effe..
1.19€ 3.00€
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Menarini Mo-Shield After Bite 20ml
-51 %
Brand: MENARINI Product Code: 4897047471360
Mo-Shield After Bite Roll On for after the bite with lemongrass & other herbal extracts. Its special composition of herbal extracts soothes and cools immediately irritated skin from irritations from insect bites and contact with nettles.     In practical packaging in Roll-on ..
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Vican Cer'8 After Bite Stickers for Kids, 30 stickers
-50 %
Brand: Cer'8 Product Code: 5204559030098
Vican Cer'8 After Bite Stickers Children's Pads 30pcsQuick and easy solution against insect bites. They provide immediate relief from the itching sensation.     Calendula     Βιμαίνη Ε     Grape OilInstructions for use:     Carefully tear o..
1.55€ 3.10€
Ex Tax:1.25€
Vican Cer’8 After Bite Roll-on, herbal composition, with citrus aroma, 10ml
-28 %
Brand: Cer'8 Product Code: 5204559030043
Cer'8 After Bite Roll-on contains ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties, which help in immediate relief from irritation and itching. Organic herbal extracts (propolis, calendula, aloe, sage, etc ..) are the ideal solution for treating stings.With citrus aroma.Der..
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