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A.Vogel Pollinosan Luffa Nasal Spray 20ml - Nasal Spray For Allergy Relief
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Brand: A.Vogel Product Code: 7610313605934
Loofah is commonly used in combination with other herbs for all cases of allergies. It works by "blocking" and eliminating toxins that weaken the immune system and relieves the symptoms of rhinitis, such as sneezing, rhinorrhea and nasal congestion.The most important benefit of using the herb is the..
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Artelac Nasal Ectoin Allergy Spray 2% Nasal Spray for the Prevention & Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis 20ml
-37 %
Brand: Bausch & Lomb Product Code: 3830070471519
Artelac Nasal Ectoin Allergy Spray 2% Nasal Spray for the Prevention & Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis 20mlNasal Spray for the prevention and treatment of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Artelac Nasal Ectoin helps significantly reduce symptoms such as runny nose and itching, nasal congestion a..
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Bausch & Lomb Artelac Ectoin Eye Drops for the treatment of Allergic Conjunctivitis 10ml
-30 %
Brand: Bausch & Lomb Product Code: 4049649000930
Eye drops to prevent and treat the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitisWith the natural ingredient Ectoin 2% and Hyaluronic acidRelieves all allergic symptoms, such as itching, tearing and eye irritationSuitable for adults and childrenWithout preservativesSuitable for use with contact lenses and for ..
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Frezyderm NAZAL CLEANER ALLERGY Nasal Spray for Allergic Rhinitis 30ml
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Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 426117
Free of cortisone or other medicinal productsProduct CESKU: 426117Saline solution 0.9% NaCl that cleanses the nasal cavity with osmotic action. Contains Messolonghi Salt Flower, rich in beneficial salts and trace elements.A film is created immediately upon contact with the nasal mucosa that reduces ..
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Sinomarin Allergy Relief, Hypertensive Natural Nasal Decongestant 30ml
-37 %
Brand: Sinomarin Product Code: 5206892101152
Sinomarin® Plus Algae Allergy Relief Spray 50ml with Algomer σύ complex is a 100% natural, clinically tested, nasal product that relieves the symptoms of allergic rhinitis (stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, irritation or itching) is allergic or chronic.Combines seawater in an original way (hyperton..
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