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Hypoallergenic Disposable Masks for Effective Protection against Viruses and Germs (3-ply) 200pcs
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Product Code: 320152
3-ply Face Masks (3-ply) 200pcs for greater protection         Masks made of non woven material         With a special sterilization microfilter from organic microfibers         They allow breathing normally.    &nb..
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Aetrex Clogs Men's Sambo with Special Black Sole
-16 %
Product Code: 034157
Light and anatomically complete support to the arch and metatarsal pad. They can be worn at work or at home all year round..
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AVENE BODY ESSENTIEL GEL DOUCHE DOUCEUR - Gentle cleansing gel for face and body 100ML (Travel Size)
-50 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770104585
Gentle cleansing gel for face and body. Comfort and tolerance for all sensitive skin. For use on face and body, such as shower in the bath. Very gentle cleansing base (at normal pH) Cleanses without irritating the most sensitive skin.With its moisturizing agents superfatting and vegetables it brings..
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Avene Cleanance solaire SPF50 + Promo Very high protection face sunscreen 50ml & Gift Cleanance cleansing gel 100ml
-40 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282779309448
Avene Cleanance solaire SPF50 + Very high protection face sunscreen for acne prone skin - 50ml & Gift Cleanance cleansing gel 100mlAvene - Cleanance solaire SPF50 + Very high protection face sunscreen for acne prone skin - 50ml- Matte effect- Very high protection of facial skin with a tendency t..
13.25€ 22.00€
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Avene Solaire Antiage Sunscreen Face Cream Spf50 + Anti-Aging Action 50ml & Gift Avène Eau Thermale 50ml
-28 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282779309431
Avene Eau Thermal Solaire Anti-Age SPF50 + Sun Protection Anti-Aging Care 50ml & Gift Thermal Water Spray 50mlSUNFLOWER FACE CREAM WITH ANTI-AGING ACTION SPF50 +Tube with pump 50 mlVery high sun protection for sensitive skin.Anti-aging. Water resistant.Wide protection from UVB-UVA. Photostable.&..
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Cellojen Splendor Cleansing Gel 100ml
-60 %
Brand: Cellojen Product Code: 5201938410021
Decongestant Gel Cellojen Splendor Cleansing Gel, gentle cleanser and moisturizing gel for the face. Upon contact with water, the gel takes on a soft foam texture that thoroughly cleanses impurities, sebum and makeup without drying out or irritating the skin.Dermatologically tested. Parabens and all..
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Health Aid Bodylean CLA Plus Nutrition Supplement for Slimming & Tightening 30caps & 30tabs - 1+1 (-50% on the 2nd product)
-41 %
Brand: HEALTH AID Product Code: 5019781055142
Health Aid Bodylean contains a double combination: -Chromium tablets keep the body's insulin at healthy levels and are an ideal aid to reduce the desire for sweets and the feeling of hunger.Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) contributes to energy production and proper metabolism. Amino acids work together to met..
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HEALTH AID Chitosan Complex - Binds Gluten Free Fats, Salt (suitable for vegetarians) - 90caps + GIFT A to Z Multivit 30 tabs
-39 %
Brand: HEALTH AID Product Code: 5019781055173
Health Aid Chitosan Offer Package Nutritional Supplement for Fat Burning 90Tabs & Gift A to Z Multivitamin 30TabsHealthAid Chitosan has as its main ingredient Chitin produced from shellfish shells and has the natural property of attracting and binding food fats making them indigestible. This fun..
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Health Aid PROMO PACK Cellusite Nutritional Supplement 2x60Tabs with 50% Discount on the 2nd Product
-40 %
Brand: HEALTH AID Product Code: 5019781055159
Health Aid Cellusite Offer Package Nutritional Supplement for Smooth & Firm Body 2x60Tabs -50% on 2nd ProductIncreasing your antioxidant intake is an important part of an anti-cellulite program. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Green Tea, Grape Seed and Berry Blend are powerful antioxidants that help prote..
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High Protection Mask KN95 (FFP2) with Index> 95%, with CE Certification, 1 Pcs
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Product Code: 6954003101124
FFP2 Masks Without Exhaust Valve KN95FFP2 dust masks protect against moderate dust levels, as well as solid and liquid aerosols.FFP2 dust masks have a higher level of protection than FFP1 masks.FFP2 dust masks protect against materials in concentrations up to 12x OEL or 4x APF.Examples of FFP2 dust ..
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IgActive Vitamin C 1000mg 20 effervescent tablets
-64 %
Brand: IgActive Product Code: 5201938123310
Dietary supplement with vitamin C in effervescent tablets with orange flavor. With antioxidant and tonic properties. Sugarless.To stimulate the body.Strengthens the bodyWith antioxidant actionInstructions for use and dosage: Dissolve one tablet daily in a glass of water. Do not exceed the recommende..
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KORRES Golden Crocus Youth Elixir 30ml
-47 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: KORRES Product Code: 5203069065163
Korres Golden Krocus, is a youth elixir enriched with Kozani Crocus extract for just one day, β-glucans and amino acids. It strengthens the skin's defenses, offers a lifting effect, gives health from within and corrects all the signs of aging. Suitable for all skin types.Use: Apply to face and neck,..
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