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Hydration - Exfoliation

A-DERMA Body Lotion 24H Hydration Body Lotion for 24 Hour Hydration, 400ml
-41 %
Brand: A-DERMA Product Code: 3282770030211
INDICATIONS:I am looking for a cool and thin body lotion with aroma, that does not stick and allows me to get dressed right after. PROPERTIES:Original texture that seduces 9 out of 10 women *. Inspired by "dry touch" technology, which is often used in sunscreens: the emulsion glides on the skin..
10.69€ 18.20€
Ex Tax:8.62€
A-Derma Exomega Control Crème, Emollient Cream for Atopic and Very Dry Skin 400ml
-26 %
Brand: A-DERMA Product Code: 3282770073577
IndicationsMy skin has a tendency to atopy or is very dry and I prefer a creamy and comfortable texture.PropertiesEmollient care for atopic and very dry skin. Infants, children, adults.Proven effectivenessGuaranteed effectiveness for the feeling of itching. Soothes instantly and controls irritations..
17.79€ 24.20€
Ex Tax:17.79€
Ag Pharm Calendula Moisturizing & Soothing Calendula Cream, 100ml
-15 %
Brand: ag Pharm Product Code: 5200703500394
AG PHARM CALENDULA 100MLCalendulaCream with Calendula extractCalendula cream thanks to the soothing and moisturizing properties of calendula protects the skin by strengthening its defense mechanism against the appearance of irritation and dryness. Also suitable for after the sting (of insects). ..
5.95€ 7.00€
Ex Tax:5.95€
Apivita PROMO RELAXING TREATS, PURE JASMINE, Shower Gel 250ml & Moisturizing Body Milk 200ml
-34 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279086695
Apivita Promo Relaxing Treats Pure Jasmine Shower Gel 250ml & Moisturizing Body Milk 200mlThe package includes:Apivita Pure Jasmine Moisturizing Body Shower Gel 250mlHydration and Protection - Sense of Euphoria and Wellness - Discreet aroma. 99% natural composition.Moisturizing shower gel inspir..
12.95€ 19.50€
Ex Tax:12.95€
Apivita PROMO Uplift Your Mood, Tonic Mountain Shower Gel 250ml, Moisturizing Body Milk 200ml.
-34 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279086688
PROMO UPLIFT YOUR MOOD: TONIC MOUNTAIN TEA FOAM BATH & MOISTURIZING BODY EMULSION IN SPECIAL PRICETONING & REJUVENATION: TONIC MOUNTAIN Shower Gel & Moisturizing Body Emulsion at a special price.A unique gift set for you and your loved ones in a colorful and festive reusable box. A compl..
12.95€ 19.51€
Ex Tax:12.95€
APIVITA Pure Jasmine Mild Exfoliating Cream with Jasmine 200ml
-37 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279036072
APIVITA PURE JASMINE Gentle Exfoliating Cream 200mlMAIN FEATURES & BENEFITS OF APIVITA• Natural exfoliating granules and sea salts gently remove dead skin cells while stimulating it• Almond oil, olive and wheat oil moisturize the skinJasmine, neroli and patchouli essential oils give a feeling of..
12.69€ 20.00€
Ex Tax:12.69€
Apivita Pure Jasmine Moisturizing Body Milk, Moisturizing Body Lotion with Jasmine 200ml
-36 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279036089
APIVITA PURE JASMINE Moisturizing Body Milk 200mlMAIN FEATURES & BENEFITSThe moisturizing complex with Greek thyme honey, moisturizes and cares for the skin• Beeswax offers moisturizing action and leaves the skin soft• Olive and almond oil, shea butter and aloe moisturize and nourish the skinJas..
9.09€ 14.10€
Ex Tax:9.09€
Apivita Royal Honey Body Scrub with Sea Salts - 200ml
-36 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279060251
Apivita Royal Honey Body Scrub with Sea Salts - 200mlBody scrub with Dead Sea salts and Greek sea salt from Messolonghi that gently removes dead cells creating a feeling of rejuvenation.INSTRUCTIONSApply to clean, slightly damp skin with gentle circular massage movements 1-2 times a week.Rinse with ..
12.95€ 20.20€
Ex Tax:12.95€
Apivita Tonic Mountain Tea Moisturizing Body Milk, Moisturizing Body Emulsion 200ml
-36 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279048891
Moisturizing body lotion, with Greek mountain tea from the area of ​​Olympus, the mountain of the Gods of Greece, and the magical island of Crete. A unique product inspired by the principles of aromatherapy, which contains 4 types of Siderite (Greek mountain tea) and treats the skin leaving it soft ..
8.99€ 14.00€
Ex Tax:8.99€
Avene Body Huile De Soin, Nourishing & Hydrating Oil, 100ml
-27 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770110982
IndicationsNourishes the skin and highlights its beauty, step by step. A velvety, soft texture and a relaxing scent, ideal for massage and relaxation. It is absorbed immediately, leaving a dry-touch, slightly silky effect on the skin. Thanks to the oleo-soothing composition, rich in essential fatty ..
17.59€ 24.11€
Ex Tax:17.59€
AVENE Gommage Doux Corporel Gentle Body Scrub - Gentle Body Scrub Special for Sensitive Skin 200ml
-31 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282779077774
Exfoliating body care especially for sensitive skin. It gently peels off dead cells thanks to its double exfoliating action. Your skin is clearer, softer and smoother. No alcohol.Its benefits:Exfoliator: Non-aggressive micro-beads that ensure gentle mechanical exfoliation.Mild peeling action: Thanks..
13.19€ 19.00€
Ex Tax:13.19€
Avene Trixéra Nutrition Lait Nutri-fluide Slim Nourishing Nourishing Emulsion for Face and Body 200ml
-31 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770074734
TRIXERA NUTRITION NUTRITIONAL NUTRITIONAL EMULSIONWith fragrance and without paraben, this care acts on all the factors of skin dryness.Your skin is less reactive and more comfortable.Pulling, discomfort, lack of elasticity πολλά so many problems for dry skin, which lack of hydration also hinders th..
11.19€ 16.20€
Ex Tax:11.19€
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