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Eye Care

A-Derma Rheacalm Contour Des Yeux 15ml, Soothing Eye Cream
-29 %
Brand: A-DERMA Product Code: 3282779331555
A-DERMA Rheacalm Contour Des YeuxSoothing RHEACALM eye creamSoothes the skin immediatelyReduces skin reactivity in the long runDecongests the fragile area around the eyesThin texture for a very soft fit.DOES IT DO FOR ME?Lately, my skin has started to tolerate nothing, without understanding why ... ..
11.03€ 15.60€
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Apivita Express Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Eye Mask with Grapes - 2x2ml
-40 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279058289
Smoothes out fine lines & wrinkles around eyes thanks to grape & lupineNourishes and rejuvenates the area around the eyes with beeswax, olive oil, shea butter and rice oilSoothes the appearance of dark circles & puffiness with Eskin & RuscogeninOffers mild antiseptic action with prop..
2.10€ 3.50€
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Apivita Express Beauty Ginkgo Biloba Eye Mask for Dark Circles and Fatigue Signs 2x2ml
-40 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279072308
Apivita Express Beauty Eye Mask for Dark Circles & Bags with Ginkgo Biloba - 2x2ml93% natural compositionDark circles & signs of fatigue-Hydration-RejuvenationEXPRESSBEAUTY eye mask with ginkgobiloba, the oldest tree in the world, also known as the "herb of memory" soothes and treats signs o..
2.10€ 3.50€
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Avene A-Oxitive Eyes Eye Smoothing Care 15ml
-40 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770208214
Avène A-Oxitive Eye Cream for Smoothing & ShineA-Oxitive Abrasive Eye Cream is suitable for any eye area, even the most sensitive. For visibly fresher and brighter look.A-Oxitive Eye Cream reduces and prevents the first signs of aging in the sensitive area around the eyes. Evening treatment. Thi..
19.91€ 33.20€
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Avene DermAbsolu Youth Eye Cream Eye Cream To Restore Density In The Area Around The Eyes 15ml
-40 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770200553
Avene DermAbsolu Eye Youth Care Cream 15ml.Indications: Thin lines in the area around the eyes, eyelid sagging, loss of density and brightness.Properties: This care helps the skin to fight the visible signs of aging, acting especially on the area around the eyes thanks to a unique combination of ant..
22.79€ 37.70€
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Avene Physiolift contour des yeux, Eye Cream for the Treatment of Wrinkles & Dark Circles 15ml
-35 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770049381
PhysioLift Yeux - Wrinkles, bags, dark circles (15ml)PhysioLift Eye is particularly suitable for sensitive skin in the eye area.The original patch texture releases its active ingredients overnight, in a targeted manner, without the risk of running into the eye.Benefits and features    The ..
22.69€ 34.91€
Ex Tax:22.69€
Benelica Eye Cream 30ml
-30 %
Brand: Benelica Product Code: 10101
Benelica eye cream against wrinkles, dark circles and bags, with a rich texture, without oiliness and a pleasant feeling around the eyes.It contains a unique combination of the high quality snail secretions and the modernizing Copper Glucosite molecule, which are a new source of bio-energy. Aging ce..
23.10€ 33.00€
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BEPANTHOL Intensive Cream for Eyes & Face 50ml
-36 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: Bepanthol Product Code: 5200309851623
BEPANTHOL - Intensive Cream for Eyes & Face 50mlThe composition of Bepanthol® Intensive Face-Eye Cream, with Provitamin B5 and other moisturizing agents such as natural lipids, sunflower oil, strengthens the skin, moisturizes it and keeps it hydrated. In particular, Provitamin B5 helps maintain ..
10.60€ 16.50€
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Fito + 24 hour Face Cream with Aloe 50ml
-10 %
Brand: fito+ Product Code: 5205871259136
Fito + 24 hour Face Cream with Aloe 50mlContains:Natural Cretan Aloe, Dittany, ThymeCalendula, Panthenol, Biotin, InositolVitamins, A, E, F, B5The antioxidant action of Aloe is known and supports the anti-aging of the skin.Detoxifies and regenerates the skin.The company FITO + is a purely Greek comp..
7.20€ 8.00€
Ex Tax:7.20€
Fito + 24 hour Face, Eye & Neck Cream With Hyaluronic And Nutripeptides 50ml
-10 %
Brand: fito+ Product Code: 5205871658304
The new line of Fito + with hyaluronic and nutripeptides for dry skin consists of the 24-hour herbal face, eye & neck cream and the herbal face, eye and neck serum. Hyaluronic acid is predominant in hydrating tissues and retaining water in them.The NUTRIPEPTIDES® contained, derived from hydrolyz..
8.10€ 9.00€
Ex Tax:8.10€
Frezyderm Anti-Wrinkle Effect Eye Cream Anti-Aging Eye Cream - 15ml
-37 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 427105
It offers 111% regeneration of skin cells.Without ParabensAnti-wrinkle cream for the area around the eyes, which reduces wrinkles, tightens and regenerates the skin of the area, offers rich hydration and "fills" the wrinkles. You will immediately feel the skin hydrated and elastic and you will get a..
19.95€ 31.81€
Ex Tax:19.95€
FREZYDERM EYE BALM - Cream for the Eye Bags 15ml
-41 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 427106
Offers a 2.7% reduction in swelling.Without ParabensGentle and cool cream - gel that fights dark circles, bags and the dull appearance of the skin in the area around the eyes. Instantly activates microcirculation, restores elasticity and uniformity to the skin, tightens the area and reduces fine lin..
12.87€ 21.80€
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