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Lip Care

Apivita Cocoa Butter Lip Care Balm 4.4 gr
-36 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279073596
Lip Care with Cocoa Butter SPF20with Cocoa Butter & Honey90% natural compositionIntensive Hydration - Sun Protection - Ideal for sportsIntensely moisturizing Lip Care with sun protection index, ideal for use on the beach, in summer or winter sports.Cocoa butter deeply moisturizes and maintains t..
3.15€ 4.90€
Ex Tax:3.15€
Apivita Honey Eco Bio Lip Care Organic Lip Hydration - 4.4gr
-45 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279073633
Bio-Eco Lip Care with Honeywith honey100% natural compositionHydration - Protection - SoftnessMoisturizing Organic Lip Care with ICEA certification. Composition with honey extract and Vitamin E that ensures soft lips. Gives a light feeling. Ideal for dry lips.Honey extract provides emollient propert..
2.69€ 4.90€
Ex Tax:2.17€
Apivita Lip Care with Chamomile Spf15 - 4.4gr
-45 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279058142
Lip Care with Chamomile SPF15with Chamomile91% natural compositionHydration - Softness - Sun ProtectionMoisturizing and soothing Lip Care with sun protection index.Chamomile and panthenol soothe and moisturize the lips leaving them soft.Olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, castor oil and j..
2.69€ 4.90€
Ex Tax:2.17€
Apivita Lip Care with Propolis 4.4gr
-45 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279058029
Lip Care with Propoliswith Balsam & Propolis99% natural compositionIntensive Hydration - Immediate relief - ProtectionAPIVITA classic lip Care offers intensive hydration. It is ideal for relieving chapped, dry lips.Propolis oil offers antiseptic and remedial properties.Balsam oil provides soothi..
2.69€ 4.90€
Ex Tax:2.17€
Apivita PROMO BEE PROTECTIVE HYPERICUM Hand Cream for Dry Cracked Hands 50ml & Cocoa Butter Lip Care 4.4g
-21 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279086664
Apivita Bee Protetive Hypericum Hand Cream 50ml & Lip Care 4.4grRemedy and protection98% natural compositionApivita Hand Cream Dry-Chapped Hands Hypericum & Beeswax is a cream that repairs dry-chapped hands, intensively moisturizes and improves the appearance of the skin.Repairs dry-chapped ..
6.99€ 8.90€
Ex Tax:6.99€
Apivita PROMO BEE PROTECTIVE Jasmine Hand Cream for Dry Cracked Hands 50ml & Lipcare with Gooseberry 4.4ml
-21 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279086671
Apivita Hand Cream Moisturizing With Jasmine & Propolis Moisturizing Hand Cream Light Texture 50mlwith Jasmine & PropolisNeeds: Dry / cracked hands99% natural ingredientsHydration - Softness - Protection and Gentle FragranceMoisturizing cream that retains natural moisture and moisturizes han..
6.99€ 8.90€
Ex Tax:6.99€
Avene Cicalfate Lips Repairing Balm Baume Lip 10ml
-37 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282779190831
IndicationsDryness and irritation of the lips and the surface layers of the skin after various attacks or treatments.PropertiesRepairs, heals and soothes your irritated skin faster. Remedial and rejuvenating agents. Its benefits: Remedial: Sucralfate, an original active ingredient, helps to repair t..
4.95€ 7.88€
Ex Tax:3.99€
Avene Cold Cream Baume Levres 10ml Intensive Nourishing & Repairing Lip Balm for Very Dry & chapped Lips
-33 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770201864
Avene Cold Cream Baume Levres Intensive Nourishing & Repairing Lip Balm for Very Dry & chapped Lips 10ml IndicationsINTENSIVE NUTRITION: Rich in oils, candles and nourishing shea butter, this baume gives long lasting comfort to the lips.INTENSIVE RESTORATION: Also called "desert gold", ..
5.29€ 7.90€
Ex Tax:4.27€
Avene Eau Thermal Soin Lèvres Sensibles Moisturizing Stick for Sensitive Lips, 4gr
-28 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770073140
Daily care for sensitive lips.For soft, hydrated and protected lips all year round and in every occasion.THE ADVANTAGES OF AVENE    The comfort and protection of a moisturizing and nourishing composition.    This composition offers elasticity, protection and soothing thanks to ka..
3.95€ 5.50€
Ex Tax:3.95€
Avene Eau Thermale Cold Cream Stick Levres Nutritional Lip Stick 4g
-33 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770100273
NUTRITIONALRich in Cold Cream, this rich stick nourishes and protects your lips.CORRECTIVEThanks to its active ingredient, Sucralfate, it helps to repair the skin.SEDATIVEAvène Thermal Water and alpha-bisabosol instantly soothe your skin.Its creamy texture spreads easily on the lips and leaves a str..
4.35€ 6.50€
Ex Tax:3.51€
Avene Stick Levres Lip Balm SPF50 + Sunscreen Lip Stick 3g
-41 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770204797
High protection of sensitive lips. Effective in the whole spectrum of solar radiation (UVB-UVA long and short).Meets all requirements: Efficiency, quality, pleasure and reliability.Benefits from the exclusive combination of active ingredients "SunSitive protection" achievement of the Pierre Fabre Gr..
5.61€ 9.45€
Ex Tax:5.61€
BioRLX Aloe Vera 99% Lip Balm Color Free - Lip Balm Without Color, 3.5gr
-39 %
Brand: BioRLX Product Code: 703558833419
BioRLX Aloe Vera 99% Lip Balm Color Free Lip Balm Without Color, 3.5grColorless lip balm. Contains aloe vera which makes it ideal for dry and dehydrated lips...
2.99€ 4.90€
Ex Tax:2.99€
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