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Breastmilk Collection

CHICCO Classic Breast Pump (02825-00)
-13 %
Brand: Chicco Product Code: 8059147057912
CHICCO Classic Breast Pump Classic Breast Pump.The Classic Breastfeeding offers maximum safety during the sensitive breastfeeding period.It is used when the mother cannot breastfeed her baby directly from the breast.It is easy to use and allows fast and efficient milk extraction.It has a system that..
19.95€ 22.90€
Ex Tax:19.95€
NUK Breast Milk Container, Breast Milk Storage Container 2pcs (10.252.098)
-17 %
Brand: NUK Product Code: 4008600182122
Undoubtedly, breastfeeding is the best a mother can offer her child. There are, however, circumstances in which mothers must combine breastfeeding with other activities or responsibilities. The simplest solution is to pump milk. You can pump the beneficial breast milk for your baby with the help of ..
7.90€ 9.50€
Ex Tax:7.90€
Nuk Breastmilk Storage Bags 25x180ml  (10.252.088)
-17 %
Brand: NUK Product Code: 4008600252306
To store breast milk in the refrigerator or freezerSpace saving and hygieneNo leaks, thanks to the double safety closure25 sterile sachets (capacity 180 ml each) for immediate useBreast milk is the best for your baby's healthy diet. There are, of course, mothers who either can not or do not want to ..
9.10€ 10.95€
Ex Tax:9.10€
-31 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: NUK Product Code: 4008600274742
Electric breast pump with soft silicone pad and ergonomic breast shield - for gentle pumping of breast milk16 individual programs for adjusting the rate and intensity of pumping, memory function, efficient pumping unit with a maximum pressure of up to 330 mbarOperation with mains adapter or external..
105.95€ 153.00€
Ex Tax:105.95€
NUK Jolie manual breast pump 1pc (10.252.090)
-19 %
Brand: NUK Product Code: 4008600176770
Combines high efficiency, soft feel and easy handlingThe soft silicone pad with special tabs stimulates the flow of breast milkIts ergonomic handle facilitates the process of sucking breast milkComes with a breast milk collection container, for the maintenance, freezing, warming and feeding of the b..
32.35€ 39.95€
Ex Tax:32.35€
NUK Luna Electric breast pump (10.252.096)
-32 %
Brand: NUK Product Code: 4008600181286
Luna Electric breast pumpMAIN FEATURES & BENEFITSThe NUK Luna electric breast pump is ideal for frequent use. It combines comfort with efficiency and is specially designed to meet the needs of the modern woman.Gentle: The soft silicone pillow fits perfectly on the curve of the breast, giving it ..
60.94€ 89.50€
Ex Tax:60.94€
Nuk Nature Sense Electric Breastfeeding, 1 piece  (10252130)
-27 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: NUK Product Code: 4008600274735
Electric breast pump with rechargeable battery, soft silicone pad and ergonomic breast shield - for gentle pumping of breast milkBreast milk is the best food you can give your baby during the first six months of life. If you need to temporarily or permanently stop breastfeeding, but do not want to d..
128.99€ 175.50€
Ex Tax:128.99€
Nuk Soft & Easy Manual Breast Pump 1pc (10252086)
-19 %
Brand: NUK Product Code: 4008600149842
Ideal fit and pleasant massage sensation thanks to the soft silicone padEasy to use and clean thanks to the limited number of components availableFacilitates uniform pumping, ideal for small pumping of milk before breastfeedingMild suction pressure helps to address the problem of inverted nipplesNEW..
15.79€ 19.51€
Ex Tax:15.79€
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