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Payment methods

Payment methods

You can choose one of the following payment methods:

Cash on delivery. Upon receipt of your order at your place, you pay the price to the employee of our transport company who will deliver the products you have chosen. The additional charge with this method of payment is 2.20 euros for all of Greece.

For shipments in Cyprus, Cash on Delivery option is not availiable.

By deposit in our bank account.

The bank account where you can deposit the money is:

National Bank of Greece: IBAN GR55 0110 3060 0000 3060 0992 876

Account: 30600992876

Holder of an account: ZISIS SERBEZIS 

Piraeus Bank: IBAN: GR85 0171 9130 0069 1314 9037 494

Account: 6913149037494

Account Beneficiary: SERBEZIS DIM. ZISIS

Then please send the proof of deposit via e-mail to

ATTENTION: Please always give to the bank as a reason your Name and order number.

With your credit card. Once your order has been completed and you have chosen a credit card payment method, our website refers you to the secure form for filling in your card details. Transactions are made through Piraeus Bank SA

Via Paypal. The settlement is done automatically when PayPal is selected as the payment method and your order starts to be executed immediately.

Payment at the store in case of receipt from a partner pharmacy in your area. For the option of collection and payment in the store, your order must be € 15 or more. It is necessary to have preceded by telephone or online order, in order to check the availability and process your order. The order is prepared the same or the next day and as soon as it is ready you receive an e-mail and a message on your mobile phone so that you can come and pick it up. Upon receipt, you will be asked for your order number, which is written in the e-mail and in the message that we have sent to you on your mobile phone.

    Collaborating Pharmacy for the Region of Alexandroupolis: Pharmacy Serbezi Dimitra, 15 Makris Ave., N. Chili (opposite Masouti)