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Lying Wounds

Bepanthol Protective Balm with Oily Base Ideal for Tattoo100gr
-23 %
Brand: Bepanthol Product Code: 5200309851142
Cream for skin irritations, Ideal for TattooBepanthol Balm 100gr for skin irritations.With Provitamin B5, With a fatty base.Enhances regeneration, moisturizes and soothes irritated skin. eg nipple irritation of the breast, dry skin, mild burns, chronic ulcers, bed sores, stretch marks of the anus...
7.75€ 10.10€
Ex Tax:7.75€
Biafin Emulsion Moisturizing Cream 100ml
-39 %
Brand: JOHNSON & JOHNSON Product Code: 3574660277890
Biafin Moisturizing Cream is known for its moisturizing and emollient properties. It is especially recommended as a cosmetic treatment to soothe burns. It is suitable for skin problems associated with radiation exposure. Improves the hydration of the upper layers of the skin and helps in the process..
4.95€ 8.10€
Ex Tax:4.95€
Erythro Forte Dermotherapy Pomada Cream 200ml
-21 %
Brand: ERYTHROFORTE Product Code: 5200105631085
Dermotherapy Pomada cream is a medical device that aims to heal the piercings that come from lying down, as well as to moisturize-protect the skin from infections.It is applied on the piercing, in whatever condition you are in, immediately stopping the multiplication of bacteria - fungi that are pre..
5.95€ 7.50€
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-49 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 422108
Gentle cleansing foam for the daily hygiene of baby skin. It offers effective cleansing without irritation and at the same time strengthens the hydrolipid mantle by creating a shield of protection from external factors. The moisturizing, emollient and anti-inflammatory ingredients it contains moistu..
7.13€ 14.10€
Ex Tax:7.13€
-28 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 422104
Talc cream for baby skin care. Unlike common talc powder, it is applied precisely to the desired area without suspending powder granules, which may settle in the lungs and burden the baby's respiratory system. In addition, it prevents the penetration of granules into the urinary system, when used in..
9.70€ 13.50€
Ex Tax:7.82€
Hartmann Menalind Professional Protect Clean Liquid Bath Gloves for Bed Patients (995083), 8 pieces
-29 %
Brand: HARTMANN Product Code: 4052199261195
Special non-woven impregnated gloves, complete solution for a complete bathroom. For use without water. It does not contain alcohol. With neutral pH. With panthenol and aloeWet bath gloves for bedridden patients (ready bath)For washing the whole body in bedridden patients. Wet wipes without alcohol ..
2.45€ 3.45€
Ex Tax:2.45€
Johnson's Baby Powder Baby Powder 200gr
-58 %
Brand: JOHNSON & JOHNSON Product Code: 3574660026788
Johnson's Baby Powder Baby Powder 200grAbsorbs excess moisture, for a silky and soft skin.• Helps minimize friction• Simple, classic fragrance• Clinically proven gentle and gentle composition for baby skin• Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenicA classic value. JOHNSON’S® Baby powder gently absorbs..
1.69€ 4.00€
Ex Tax:1.69€
Klorane Dry Shampoo 150ml Shampoo Without Shampoo for Oily Hair
-33 %
Brand: KLORANE Product Code: 3282770208702
Dry Nettle shampoo created in 1971, absorbs sebum hypersecretion and allows to reduce the frequency of bathing thanks to an original composition, which combines Nettle extract with proven sebum-regulating properties with micronized powders with very high power. Hair regains volume and purity in minu..
8.55€ 12.70€
Ex Tax:8.55€
Menarini ReLife Relizema Baby Care Cream Diaper Changing Cream 100ml
-36 %
Brand: MENARINI Product Code: 8055348241129
ReLife Relizema Baby Care CreamSpecially designed to protect the soft and sensitive skin of children.Ideal to soothe and prevent redness and burning sensation.Suitable for diaper change.Apply a layer of cream to clean, dry skin before each diaper change.Dermatologically tested. Designed to minimize ..
8.75€ 13.70€
Ex Tax:8.75€
Menarini ReLife Relizema Go Zinc + Panthenol Soothing and Protective Spray for Sensitive Skin 100ml
-36 %
Brand: MENARINI Product Code: 8055348241174
Protective and soothing spray for sensitive skin. Prevents redness and burning sensation, especially in the genital area and buttocks.Suitable for children and the elderly.Shake the bottle before use.Spray at a distance of 10 to 15 cm without spreading it by hand.Also use for diaper change...
10.05€ 15.67€
Ex Tax:10.05€
Molicare Hartmann Skin Protection Cream 200ml
-51 %
Brand: HARTMANN Product Code: 4052199261867
The cream with the valuable Nutriskin Protection complex, which consists of rich natural almond oil, moisturizing amino acids, creatine that gives energy to the skin and essential unsaturated fatty acids that prevent inflammation as well as zinc oxide, forms a strong protective film. Emulsion of wat..
5.31€ 10.80€
Ex Tax:5.31€
Pharmasept Hygienic Cleansing Gloves, Disposable Cleaning Gloves 10pcs
-34 %
Brand: PHARMASEPT Product Code: 5205122000616
Practical wet disposable gloves for cleansing & body hygiene without soap or waterThe ideal solution for the personal hygiene of people with self-care problems, but also for cases of local cleaning when there is no soap and water available. They are enriched with Vitamin E, Allantoin, Aloe Vera,..
3.99€ 6.00€
Ex Tax:3.99€
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