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Skin Regeneration

AG Pharm Plant Stem Cells Serum Concentrated Moisturizing Serum with Plant Stem Cells for Natural Regeneration 1 ampoule with 2 ml
-41 %
Brand: ag Pharm Product Code: 5206278010687
Plant Stem Serum contains a set of active ingredients consisting of stem cells that mobilize the process of skin cell differentiation by offering:• Cell regeneration.• Fighting skin aging.• Restoration of firmness and hydration.Stimulation of collagen synthesis.Suitable for all skin types.Way of use..
1.76€ 3.00€
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Avene - Cicalfate + Gel Cicatrice Reconstruction Gel Cream For Sensitive Skin 30ml
-29 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770207088
Avene - Cicalfate + Gel Cicatrice Reconstruction Gel Cream For Sensitive Skin 30mlSuperficial wounds or wounds after surgery, acne pimples: Scars are very common and can be deposited on both the face and body.Avene Cicalfate + Cicatrice cream repairs damaged skin, quickly restoring comfort and elast..
6.75€ 9.50€
Ex Tax:6.75€
Avene - Cicalfate Drying Repairing Lotion 40ml
-29 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282779048637
It dries, repairs and heals your skin effectively.Its composition contains remedial and sanitizing agents.Perfume free, paraben free, alcohol free.Its benefitsDrying: Natural silicones act immediately by drying the skin serum.Remedial: Sucralfate, an original active ingredient, promotes skin repair...
6.95€ 9.80€
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Avene - Cicalfate Emulsion Repair Cream for Irritations 40ml
-32 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282779353793
A-Oxitive Abrasive Eye Cream is suitable for any eye area, even the most sensitive. For visibly fresher and brighter look.Properties-A-Oxitive Eye Cream reduces and prevents the first signs of aging in the sensitive area around the eyes. Evening treatment. This care for the area around the eyes, pro..
7.50€ 11.00€
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Avene Cicalfate - Drying Healing Spray 100ml
-28 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770205633
Avene Cicalfate + Drying Healing Spray 100ml It dries, repairs * and soothes irritated skin with a tendency to wet.For the whole family every day.Face, body, genital area.* favors skin repair Its advantages:A complete composition, in a practical and healthy package. Cicalfate + Spray dries..
7.93€ 11.00€
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Avene Cicalfate Creme 100ml Corrective Antiseptic Cream for Dry Damage
-29 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770204681
Cicalfate Creme Reparatrice - Repair (100ml) Avene Cicalfate Creme Reparatrice cream has a rich texture and is specially designed to soothe irritations, redness and heat sensations on the skin, after a superficial dermatological procedure.Avene Cicalfate Creme Reparatrice is suitable for adults..
12.39€ 17.50€
Ex Tax:12.39€
Avene Cicalfate Creme 40ml - Repair & Antiseptic Cream for Dry Damage
-26 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770204667
Repairs, heals and soothes your irritated skin drastically and quickly.With remedial and sanitizing agents. Perfume free, paraben free.Its benefitsRemedial: Sucralfate, an original active ingredient, helps to instantly repair the skin.Hygienic: The combination of copper sulfate - zinc sulfate reduce..
7.79€ 10.50€
Ex Tax:7.79€
Avene Cicalfate Creme, Repair Cream for Irritated Skin 15ml
-20 %
Brand: AVENE Product Code: 3282770200096
Avene Cicalfate Creme, Repair Cream for Irritated Skin 15mlProduct suitable for soothing irritations, redness and heat sensations of the adult skin after a superficial dermatological operation.Light émulsion with non-greasy and non-sticky texture that spreads easily, even on irritated skin from a de..
4.40€ 5.50€
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Fito + Beeswax 24 hour Face Cream and Regeneration for Every Skin Type 50ml
-10 %
Brand: fito+ Product Code: 5205871658328
FITO + Herbal Face & Neck Face Cream 24th for Every Skin Type Anti-Wrinkle and Regenerating with Beeswax, 50mlThe company FITO + is a purely Greek company, created by Greek pharmacists and herbalists. It is active in the production of natural products with herbs, mainly of the Greek land.The phi..
7.20€ 8.00€
Ex Tax:7.20€
Frezyderm FREZYKELD CREAM Regenerating Cream for Scars 40ml
-30 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 426100
Gentle cream, for treating scars caused by injury, surgery or even severe acne, on the one hand preventively to prevent their formation and on the other hand improving those that have already been created. Its active ingredients enhance the regeneration of skin cells, rebuild damaged and aging skin ..
17.79€ 25.44€
Ex Tax:17.79€
Frezyderm PROFLAMINE CREAM Regenerating Cream for Burns 40ml
-31 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 426101
Cream for skin regeneration after sun, heat or chemical burns, injury, irritation and after cosmetic surgery. Its rich composition moisturizes both superficially and deeply the skin and at the same time strengthens the skin elasticity, heals the damages in the upper layers of the skin and restores t..
13.50€ 19.50€
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La Roche Posay Cicaplast Gel B5 Regenerative & Soothing Action 40ml
-27 %
Brand: LA ROCHE-POSAY Product Code: 3337875586269
Skin lesions.It can also be applied on the lips.Suitable for children.Tested under dermatological control on skin after sutures, Peeling, laser.Properties:Immediate reliefSilicone texture: helps with massage. The skin regains its texture, softness and comfort...
8.20€ 11.30€
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