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Animex Mercury Free Gallium Thermometers
-34 %
Product Code: 124181
Maximum accuracy and reliability of thermometry is achieved through the use of gallium.Ecological thermometers are now replacing the banned mercury thermometers.The liquid metal used is an alloy of gallium, indium and tin.Non-toxic.Not harmful to the environment.High precision.Measurement range: 35...
3.95€ 6.00€
Ex Tax:3.95€
Asepta Ecotherm Classic Ecological French Thermometer Without Mercury 1pc
-36 %
Brand: 3M Product Code: 5205531013351
Asepta Ecotherm Classic - Ecological Gallium Thermometer Without Mercury 1pcClinical / Analog temperature measuring thermometer. The thermometer does not contain mercury (making it completely ecological) but an alternative mixture of mineral liquids (Gallium, Indium, Tin and Zinc).USETheir operation..
4.50€ 7.00€
Ex Tax:4.50€
ControlBios Infrared Thermometer
-36 %
Brand: ControlBios Product Code: 5214000952404
Advanced technology infrared thermometer with ergonomic design. Suitable for accurate measurement of human body temperature, environment and non-contact objects.Measurement in 0.5 secondsNon-contact measurementBuilt-in sensorHigh accuracyMeasurement of bodies and objectsHigh fever audible alertLCD s..
29.90€ 47.00€
Ex Tax:29.90€
Hartmann Thermoval Baby front thermometer 3in1 1pc (925094)
-28 %
Brand: HARTMANN Product Code: 4052199233253
Hartmann Thermoval Baby front thermometer 3in1Contactless measurement of fever on the forehead, with ease and accuracy..
46.90€ 65.00€
Ex Tax:46.90€
Hartmann Thermoval Standard Digital Thermometer 1pc
-55 %
Brand: HARTMANN Product Code: 4052199217802
Hartmann Thermoval Standard Digital Thermometer 1pcElectronic fever thermometer with easy-to-read, clear digital display.Measuring time approx. 60-90 sec.Acoustic signal to indicate readiness for operation and completion of measurement.Save the measurement.Automatic deactivation.With waterproof and ..
3.12€ 7.00€
Ex Tax:3.12€
Infrared thermometer, without contact OEM
-40 %
Product Code: 66017
Infrared thermometer, without contact OEM ..
29.90€ 50.00€
Ex Tax:29.90€
Yuwell YT-1 Front Infrared Thermometer
-20 %
Product Code: 0713100
Infrared front thermometer YT-1 hospital type.The temperature is measured in 1 second. Infrared thermometer, without contactCertification IS013485 / CE / CFDAMeasure the forehead temperature in a few secondsMeasures without coming into contact with the skin - sound and safe measurement thanks t..
39.95€ 50.00€
Ex Tax:39.95€
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