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3M E-A-R Sparkling Yellow Earplugs in Pillow Pack 1 Pair
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Brand: 3M Product Code: 2290000026195
3M E-A-R Sparkling Yellow Earplugs in Pillow Pack 1 PairThe 3M ™ E-A-R ™ earmuffs set the standard in hearing protection as the first foam earplugs in the worldThe slow recovery and low pressure foam adapts to the shape of the ear canal, for improved comfort and usabilityCylindrical to fit most audi..
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Ohropax Foam earmuffs 2pcs
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Brand: OHROPAX Product Code: 4003626060935
Made of expanded polyurethane. Discreet appearance in skin color.Ordinary polyurethane foam earmuffs, while blocking very high frequencies, hardly absorb low ones.At Ohropax Soft the absorption curve is surprisingly linear offering excellent sound quality...
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Brand: OHROPAX Product Code: 4003626081060
Ear plugs made of kneadable, soft material. Before taking a shower or having a bath the material is formed cylindrical and put in the ear.The material fits exactly into the ear and acts as a splash protection. OHROPAX® Silicon Clear can also be used when going to bed.OHROPAX® Silicon Clear can be us..
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