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Cracked Heels

Hansaplast Cracked Heel Ointment Cracked Heel Ointment 40ml
-40 %
Brand: Hansaplast Product Code: 4005900742070
Ointment for Cracked HeelsIt is clinically proven that Hansaplast Cracked Heel Ointment provides highly effective foot care, as it helps to effectively repair the skin in the areas of painful cracks. Its soothing composition with panthenol and bisavolol, activates the natural process of skin reconst..
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Krauterhof Callus Balsam - Emollient Balm for Tired & Dry Feet, 250ml
-31 %
Brand: KRAUTERHOF Product Code: 4075700104361
Emollient Balm for Dry - Hard Skin Krauterhof Callus BalsamSpecially designed formula for nourishing and hydrating thick dry skin on the heels, elbows and knees.With slightly exfoliating action. Gently and effectively removes hard and rough skin.The balm leaves a pleasant aroma, as it moisturizes in..
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Menarini ReLife U-Life 40 Moisturizing Foot Cream 50ml
-35 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: MENARINI Product Code: 8055348240955
Moisturizing - Abrasive Foot Cream with Urea 40%. Extremely moisturizing treatment for areas with a high presence of keratosis. It has an intense abrasive and rejuvenating effect that favors the reduction and elimination of skin thickening.Apply once a day on dry and clean skin.Do not apply to irrit..
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