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Oral Gel - Special Products

Frezyderm HYDRORAL XERO MOUTHWASH Mouthwash against Dry mouth 250ml
-28 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 428206
With Fluoride 250ppmFluoride oral solution for the treatment of dry mouth. With an innovative composition that restores to normal levels the reduced saliva production that is responsible for the symptoms of dry mouth. Combines perfectly with HYDRORAL XERO TOOTHPASTE.Treatment of dry mouthRestoration..
6.39€ 8.88€
Ex Tax:5.15€
Frezyderm HYDRORAL XERO SPRAY Spray against Dry mouth 50ml
-28 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 428208
Mouth spray to treat dry mouth. With a composition that works effectively to restore the normal function of the salivary gland, to restore the desired lubrication. Its specialized action fights the symptoms of dry mouth and restores natural hydration.Treatment of dry mouthRestoration of normal daily..
5.79€ 8.05€
Ex Tax:4.67€
Frezyderm HYDRORAL XERO TOOTHPASTE Toothpaste against Dry mouth 75ml
-28 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 428109
With Fluoride 1,000ppmToothpaste for the treatment of dry mouth. The synergistic action of specially selected ingredients restores the function of the salivary gland, restoring and enhancing natural hydration and relieving the symptoms of dry mouth.Treatment of dry mouthImmediate and prolonged lubri..
5.91€ 8.20€
Ex Tax:4.77€
Frezyderm PERIODIGUM CHLORHEXENE GEL Auxiliary treatment of gum problems 30ml
-28 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 428108
Alcohol freeTopical gel with an effective concentration of Chlorhexidine 0.2% for the adjunctive treatment of gum problems (gingivitis, periodontitis). Enriched with clove oil, a local natural soothing, drug-free- Fights the microbial plaque- Prevents possible infections- Tightens and moisturizes th..
5.15€ 7.12€
Ex Tax:4.15€
Frezyderm PERIODIGUM TOOTHPASTE Toothpaste - Gum and oral cavity problems 75ml
-37 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 428104
With Fluorine 1.450ppmToothpaste for gum and mouth problems. With a specialized composition, enriched with Chlorhexidine 0.1%, Bioactive Peptide and Hyaluronic Acid that assists in the natural regeneration of teeth.- Fights the microbial plaque- Helps activate dental osteoblasts- Moisturizes and nou..
6.07€ 9.71€
Ex Tax:6.07€
Frezyderm SENSITEETH KIDS APHTHAE GEL Children's Gel for Afthes 25ml
-50 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 423013
No drugs, preservatives or fragranceProduct CESoothing, healing gel for cold sores and mouth ulcers. Gentle gel specialized for cold sores and mouth ulcers, safe for the oral mucosa. Instantly relieves pain and irritation, reduces inflammation, heals the oral mucosa and protects against the growth o..
5.00€ 10.00€
Ex Tax:5.00€
Intermed CHLORHEXIL GINGIVAL GEL 0.20%, 30ml
-41 %
Brand: InterMed Product Code: 5205152000389
Chlorhexil 0.20% gel with chlorhexidine 0.20% is a specially designed antiseptic gel with long lasting stay and action, for the treatment of localized injuries of the oral cavity, the effective fight against gingival plaque and local relief & protection against irritation and inflammation. and p..
5.30€ 9.00€
Ex Tax:5.30€
Intermed HY+AL Gel Oral Tissue Healing 30gr
-38 %
Brand: InterMed Product Code: 5205152004950
ΗΥ + ΑL GEL is a specially designed gel with the unique combination of sodium hyaluronate and sucralfate, to promote the natural process of regeneration and healing of the soft tissues of the oral cavity. At the same time it protects the affected tissues from external irritants.Intermed - HY + AL Ge..
6.95€ 11.25€
Ex Tax:6.95€
Intermed Unimoist Liquid Moisturizer and Oral Lubricant 280ml
-38 %
Brand: InterMed Product Code: 5205152002253
Unimoist Liquid is a specially designed moisturizing & lubricating liquid for long-lasting relief from dry mouth and throat due to any cause.INDICATIONS:Protection of the oral cavity in cases of dry mouth and in particular moisturizing and lubricating the soft tissues (gums, tongue, mucosa) of t..
4.99€ 8.10€
Ex Tax:4.99€
Intermed Unisept Buccal Drops Powerful Cleansing & Healing Action 15ml
-30 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: InterMed Product Code: 5205152003410
Cleanses and heals wounds and ulcers of the oral cavity.Without alcohol15ml..
4.15€ 5.90€
Ex Tax:4.15€
Intermed Unisept Oral Gel Cleanses and Heals Ulcers and Wounds of the Oral Cavity 30g
-30 %
Brand: InterMed Product Code: 5205152002239
Unisept Oral Gel Cleanses & Heals Ulcers & Wounds of the Oral Cavity 30gSpecial gel for the local treatment of ulcers and wounds of the oral mucosa & gumsIndications:- Afthes- Localized injuries & wounds of the gums and oral mucosa- Gingivitis & periodontitis. Special product for..
8.35€ 12.00€
Ex Tax:8.35€
Intermed, Hy + Al Gel Kids, Oral Gel for the healing of the tissues of the oral cavity, 12gr.
-36 %
Brand: InterMed Product Code: 5205152008866
Hy + Al Gel Kids Oral Healing Gel for the Soft Tissues of the Oral Cavity for Children 12grHealing of soft tissues of the oral cavity.Ηy + Al Gel Kids is a specially designed gel with the unique combination of sodium hyaluronate and sucralfate, to promote the natural process of regeneration and heal..
5.95€ 9.30€
Ex Tax:5.95€
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