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DUO Natural Longlasting Lubricant Gel 50ml
-39 %
Brand: DUO Product Code: 4005800173387
Natural Long Lasting Lubricant Gel - Lubricant (50ml) Duo Natural Long Lasting Lubricant Gel is designed to enhance your natural lubrication before or during sex, offering an extra long-lasting lubrication.A single application of the transparent Duo Natural Long Lasting Lubricant Gel is a discr..
5.45€ 9.00€
Ex Tax:5.45€
Durex Massage Sensual Ylang Ylang 200ml
-23 %
Brand: Durex Product Code: 200056
The stimulating Play Massage is the ideal solution for an exciting massage and an irritating aromatherapy experience. With a light and silky feeling, it has the delicate aroma and taste of Guarana that will stimulate your senses! Activate your imagination and senses and enjoy one of the most enjoyab..
7.50€ 9.80€
Ex Tax:7.50€
Durex Play Classic Lubricant For Absolute Moments Of Pleasure & Pleasure 50ml
-26 % Delivery up to 30 Days
Brand: Durex Product Code: 5208070000875
Durex classic lubricant awakens the senses, offering greater pleasure during sexual intercourse. Its silky texture helps the erogenous zones to be activated better and more intensely.Size: 50 ml..
4.80€ 6.50€
Ex Tax:4.80€
Durex Play Massage 2 In 1 Guarana 200ml
-25 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: Durex Product Code: 5038483959176
DUREX PLAY gel is an ideal solution for a sensual massage that awakens the senses. With the discreet but intoxicating aroma of Guarana you enjoy a unique erotic experience, relaxing and calming.Activate your imagination and your senses through an exciting aromatherapy massage.Neutral phIt does not s..
7.95€ 10.60€
Ex Tax:7.95€
Durex Play Massage Aloe 200ml
-25 %
Brand: Durex Product Code: 5038483502730
DUREX offers you a sensual caress for you and your partner through a lubricant that supports its aloe vera base, known for its rejuvenating and nourishing properties.The product is ideal for massage and is proven to awaken your senses and erogenous zones.The gel does not stain or stainSize: 200ml..
7.95€ 10.60€
Ex Tax:7.95€
Mediplants Vasel Vaseline 100 gr
-25 %
Brand: Mediplants Product Code: 5204079002537
Mediplants Vasel Vaseline with emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin on the face, body and lips.ComponentsPetrolatum..
1.35€ 1.80€
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Salkano Vaseline 15gr
Hot! -29 %
Product Code: 5202385021556
Offers intensive hydration to hands, lips, elbows, knees or heels.Suitable for gentle massage.Nourishes nails and helps soften fingernails.Protects skin from stretch marks or sagging during pregnancy...
0.85€ 1.20€
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