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Electrolytes - Dehydration

iDRATA for Water or Electrolyte Loss 8 sachets
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Product Code: 8437016502150
iDRATA for Water or Electrolyte Loss 8 sachetsiDRATA for water or electrolyte loss for water or electrolyte loss. Special purpose food based on water, glucose and electrolytes, suitable for situations where there is loss of water and salts caused by diarrhea, vomiting or excessive sweating, prudentl..
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Intermed Rizolyte Rice Flour & Electrolytes, Rice Flour and Electrolytes 6 lenses
-40 %
Brand: InterMed Product Code: 5205152006435
Rice flour & electrolytesRehabilitation of disorders caused by acute diarrheaRizolyte is a special diet product to prevent and restore the body's dehydration due to the mixed loss of water and electrolytes due to acute diarrhea. Offers immediate relief of diarrhea symptoms, increases water reten..
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Lanes Electrolytes De Vitamins B, C, E, 20 Effervescent Tablets
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Brand: LANES Product Code: 5201314068457
The electrolyte nutritional supplement with vitamins B, C & E from Lanes is an innovative composition rich in metal ions-electrolytes such as magnesium, sodium and potassium in combination with B, C and E complex vitamins. This composition meets the needs of the body and offers rejuvenation and ..
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NutraLead Hydro + Electrolytes with Vitamins & Minerals, 1 + 1 GIFT Vitamin C 550mg 20 + 20 Effervescent Tablets
-52 %
Brand: PharmaLEAD Product Code: 5205352012304
1) Hydro + 20 effervescent tabletsInstant hydration, energy and balance in the human bodyLemon flavoredDietary SupplementsWithout Sugar Gluten Lactose Preservatives GMOIts unique composition with 8 vitamins and 5 minerals helps maintain the body's normal levels of hydration, especially after intense..
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Power Health Hydrolytes Nutrition Supplement with Lemon Flavor 20tabs + Gift Vitamin C 500mg 20tabs
-40 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: POWER HEALTH Product Code: 5200321010404
Electrolytes, such as potassium and magnesium, are metals that are normally found in our body. Balance of minerals is essential for the normal functioning of our cells, muscles and nerves.When this balance is disturbed, dehydration can occur. Imbalance can be caused after diarrhea, with sweating, es..
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Power of Nature PROMO Hydrolytes Sports Hydrolytes with Stevia & GIFT Vitamin C 500mg 2 x 20tabs
-41 %
Brand: POWER HEALTH Product Code: 5200321011135
… Sports electrolytesAre you a fan of sports, sports and sports in general? Now you have your own electrolytes specially designed for you that sweat flows in the river, but also carries valuable elements that your body needs, especially during exercise.Hydrolytes Sports is an electrolyte and glucose..
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Sustenium Energy Sport Orange 10 sachets
-39 %
Brand: MENARINI Product Code: 8012992009048
Menarini Sustenium Energy Sport is a carbohydrate / electrolyte solution with sugars & sweeteners.During exercise, especially when it is done in a warm environment, there is a great loss of fluids & electrolytes through sweating. Their replacement is essential for both athletic performance a..
6.40€ 10.50€
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Sustenium Magnesium & Potassium 14 sachets
-46 %
Brand: MENARINI Product Code: 8012992009147
Do stifling heat and high temperatures weaken you? Do you suffer from muscle cramps? Try SUSTENIUM MAGNESIUM AND POTASSIUM. SUSTENIUM MAGNESIUM AND POTASSIUM is a dietary supplement with magnesium and potassium, enriched with vitamin C, ideal for hydration in periods of intense heat and sweating1. S..
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