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Minerals & Amino Acids

BIOTECH USA EAA Zero 350gr - Blue Grape
-21 %
Brand: BioTech USA Product Code: 5999076228744
BioTech USA EAA Zero 330gr8400 mg content of essential amino acidsSugarless*amino acids recommended by WHO *** Refers to a ready shake mixed with water.** The ratio of essential amino acids in the product is in accordance with the relevant WHO recommendation.Essential amino acids, as the name implie..
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Health Aid -5-HTP Hydroxy-Tryptophan 50mg 60 tablets
-35 %
Brand: HEALTH AID Product Code: 5019781025312
Hydroxytryptophan 50mgIt is the hydroxylated form of the amino acid tryptophan and a precursor compound for the synthesis of serotonin. Serotonin (the hormone of happiness) is a crucial neurotransmitter in the Central Nervous System, regulating mood, sleep, anger, aggression, libido, pain control an..
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Health Aid BetaGlucan Complex 30 herbal capsules
-36 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: HEALTH AID Product Code: 5019781010554
Beta Glucans, Vitamins & MineralsBeta-glucans are plant elements found in the cell walls of seeds such as oats and barley. They are known for their ability to boost the immune system, as many studies have shown that they can stimulate the activity of macrophages, the body's defense mechanisms, w..
14.95€ 23.50€
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Health Aid Betaimune 30 capsules
-35 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: HEALTH AID Product Code: 5019781010912
Resveratrol, Vitamin D3, Coenzyme Q10 & AntioxidantsFree radicals are responsible for the aging of cells and their weakening, which has as a consequence the body's greater susceptibility to disease. Antioxidants fight free radicals, strengthen cell membranes and keep cells healthy, making them m..
14.95€ 23.00€
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Health Aid Calcium Complete 800mg, Calcium Supplement for Strong Bones and Teeth 120 Tablets
-38 %
Brand: HEALTH AID Product Code: 5019781020546
The most essential element in maintaining bone mass for healthy bones and teeth. It also helps maintain a healthy nervous system, muscle tone, normal neurotransmission and heart function. Especially useful for women, as it has been shown that a sufficient amount of calcium in the body is very import..
13.60€ 22.00€
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Health Aid Magcitra Magnesium Citrate 1900mg
-35 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: HEALTH AID Product Code: 5019781026036
High quality & fast absorption.The most important metal of the body. It is involved in almost all stages of metabolism and catabolism, as a cofactor in 300 enzymes. Enhances bone & tooth health, as it is involved in the absorption of calcium. Supports the nervous & muscular system and co..
14.90€ 23.00€
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Health Aid Magnesium Bisglycinate 375mg 60 tablets
-35 %
Brand: HEALTH AID Product Code: 5019781056132
Magnesium bisglycine & Vitamin B6Essential metal for the metabolism of many nutrients. Helps maintain the health of the muscular & nervous system. In combination with calcium, it contributes to heart health by controlling the muscle contractions of the heart and skeletal muscles, while keepi..
13.29€ 20.50€
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Health Aid Multi Amino Acids 60 tablets
-38 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: HEALTH AID Product Code: 5019781022410
Polyamino acidsAmino acids are organic building blocks of proteins. Of the 20 amino acids involved in the production of proteins, 8 can not be produced by the human body and are necessarily called. But in addition to these 20, there are other amino acids whose biological role is related to the regul..
10.90€ 17.50€
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Health Aid Osteozin
-35 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: HEALTH AID Product Code: 5019781017256
Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamins D3 & K2Bones are a living tissue that is constantly being created and destroyed. When bone density decreases there is a risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis. To prevent and maintain the normal condition of bones, calcium is required as a key component and magnes..
17.48€ 27.01€
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Health Aid Selenium 200μg Dietary Supplement with Selenium for Antioxidant Protection 60tabs
-39 %
Brand: HEALTH AID Product Code: 5019781020010
Health Aid Selenium 200μg Dietary Supplement with Selenium for Antioxidant Protection 60tabsSelenium is a key trace element used by the body to protect cells against oxidation caused by free radicals. It plays an important role in specific protein subunits, which act at different levels in the body...
7.95€ 13.00€
Ex Tax:7.95€
IgActive Brain Aid 60 soft capsules
-44 %
Brand: IgActive Product Code: 5201938300445
With Omega 3, selected vitamins, minerals, selenium, selected amino acids, phosphatidylserine, coenzyme Q10 and Ginko biloba extract. With ingredients that contribute to normal brain function, normal cognitive function and mental performance.Suitable for vegetarians..
11.35€ 20.09€
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Intermed Semed 200 Organic Selenium Dietary Supplement 30Tabs
-38 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: InterMed Product Code: 5205152004394
Organic selenium in the form of L-selenomethionineSemed 200 is a dietary supplement of organic selenium with the absorbable form of selenomethionine (L-selenomethionine), for its full utilization.INDICATIONS• Reduction of anti-TPO antibodies & improvement of the quality of life of patients with ..
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