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Hair Removal

Gillette Series Sensitive Shaving Gel 75ml
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Brand: Gillette Product Code: 7702018980857
Specially formulated for sensitive skin, Gillette Series Sensitive shaving foam contains a composition with aloe and provides 3X protection to your shave.The foam moisturizes the beard for easy shaving and its rich texture protects the skin, as the lubricating agents allow the blades to slide more e..
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Gillette Simply Venus Women Disposable 2 Blades 4pcs
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Brand: Gillette Product Code: 3014260246693
Gillette Simply Venus 4 pcsDisposable women's razors Simply Venus from Gillette.It has 2 blades for a perfect, deep shave.Ergonomically designed, split head for easy, precise handling.Lubricating tape with aloe for less irritation.Protective streaks, microfins that help reduce wounds and cuts.Packag..
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Veet Depilatory Cream for Normal Skin 100ml
-28 %
Product Code: 5208070000950
Veet® depilatory cream works close to the root, even on short hair, giving you a silky softness for up to a week.The formula we made for sensitive skin is enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E, known for their soothing properties.Thus, your skin will not only be soft, but smooth and silky, it will have a..
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Veet Easy - Gel Wax Strips Facial Hair Removal Strips for Sensitive Skin 20pcs
-35 %
Product Code: 5900627074253
Veet Easy - Gel Wax Strips Facial Hair Removal Strips for Sensitive Skin 20pcs Veet® Facial Hair Removal Strips are Ready to Use.You can have immediate exfoliation and softness that lasts up to four weeks.They are specially made with Almond Oil and Vitamin E, known for their benefits on sensiti..
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Veet Silk & Fresh Cream, Depilatory Cream for Dry Skin, 100ml
-47 %
Brand: Veet Product Code: 5000309002755
Veet Depilatory Cream For Dry Skin, 100mlLeave behind the intense irritations and hair growth. Now you can avoid bumps and puffiness that put you in a difficult position with Veet® Hair Removal Cream for Dry Skin. Just apply our silky moisturizing composition on your skin, wait 5 minutes and remove ..
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