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Sensitive Area Hygiene

Always Ultra Long Sanitary Napkins with Perfect Fit, 8 pieces
-50 %
Brand: always Product Code: 4015400759119
ALWAYS Ultra LongPerfect Fit - The Always Ultra has a shape designed to fit the body, flexibility to follow body movements, and flexible wings to allow it to stay in placeBlue Absorbent Core - The innovative Blue Absorbent Core absorbs liquid safely to keep you safe and dryCotton felt - The unique c..
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Always Ultra Night High Absorption Napkins, 7 pieces
-50 %
Brand: always Product Code: 4015400759140
Always Ultra Night60% larger back *, for better night protection from Always.* in relation to Always Ultra NormalEnjoy your sleep with the new Always Secure Night! It is 60% bigger on the back, offering you up to 100% protection when you sleep. It fits perfectly in your body, regardless of how you m..
1.39€ 2.80€
Ex Tax:1.39€
Always Ultra Normal Plus High Absorption Napkins, 10 pieces
-50 %
Brand: always Product Code: 4015400706953
Always Ultra Normal PlusImproved wings give you more freedom of movementThe feminine design makes you feel more comfortable than everImproved odor neutralizationFeeling like cottonDermatologically Tested100% leakage protectionRecommended by the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists..
1.39€ 2.80€
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Apivita Intimate Care Daily, Gel for the Sensitive Area with Chamomile & Propolis - Smart Pack 300ml
-30 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279071103
Gentle cleansing gel for the daily hygiene of the sensitive area but also for prevention, intended for healthy women of childbearing age. Gently cleanses without drying, protects and soothes.Organic chamomile in combination with water from organic chamomile infusion, allantoin, panthenol and organic..
8.75€ 12.50€
Ex Tax:8.75€
Apivita Intimate Plus, Gentle Cleansing Gel for Sensitive Area With Propolis & Tea Tree 300ml
-31 %
Brand: APIVITA Product Code: 5201279057312
91% natural compositionGentle Cleansing - Antimicrobial Protection - Restores pH and Soothing actionGentle cleansing gel for daily hygiene and extra protection of the sensitive area in cases of frequent minor annoyances. Gently cleanses and at the same time minimizes discomfort such as itching and i..
9.95€ 14.50€
Ex Tax:9.95€
EveryDay - Sensitive with Cotton Normal Economy Pack Regular Napkins with Wings 18pcs
-40 %
Product Code: 5201263006371
Normal length thin sanitary napkins, with protective wings. With a healthy fabric cover that contains cotton and allows the skin to breathe. With the revolutionary Center Plus technology, with an enlarged core that ensures up to 30% more absorbent surface in the center of the sanitary napkin, compar..
2.15€ 3.60€
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FREZYDERM AQUA CARE GEL Vaginal Lubricant for Menopause 50ml
-38 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 422750
Free of hormones, drugs, Vaseline, perfume and parabensProduct CESKU: 422750Moisturizing and lubricating vaginal gel. It offers strong hydration and lubricates the vagina, while having a healing effect. Relieves irritation, itching and inflammation and is suitable for dryness (atrophic vaginitis) th..
8.10€ 13.13€
Ex Tax:8.10€
Frezyderm INTIM AID CLEANSER Sensitive Area Cleaner 200ml
-48 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 422315
Free of soap, color and parabensSpecial toxicological safety testpH5SKU: 422315Specialized cleanser for the sensitive area, used in cases of local irritations (vaginitis, fungal infection, urinary tract infection, fluid secretion). It offers effective, gentle cleansing, while acting antiseptic and r..
9.99€ 19.07€
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FREZYDERM INTIM AREA FOAM Sensitive Area Cleaning Foam 150ml
-40 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 422309
Gentle foam for daily effective cleansing of the sensitive area during the reproductive age, without causing irritation and dryness. Provides mild antiseptic protection, strengthens the skin's normal defenses and protects against local dryness, infections and vaginitis. Reduces irritation and odor, ..
9.84€ 16.30€
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FREZYDERM INTIM AREA LIQUID Liquid Cleaner for Sensitive Area 200ml
Hot! -49 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 422711
Liquid for daily effective cleansing of the sensitive area during the reproductive age. Protects against local dryness, irritation, infections and vaginitis and is ideal for treating the area after swimming in the sea or pool. It is suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding.Dermatologically tested..
7.48€ 14.74€
Ex Tax:7.48€
FREZYDERM INTIM AREA WIPES Sensitive Cleaning Wipes 20 pcs
-27 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 422729
Free of soap, dyes and parabenspH4Practical cleaning wipes for the daily hygiene of the sensitive area during the reproductive age. They offer gentle cleansing and protection from irritation, odor, dryness, infections and vaginitis. They have a mild antiseptic effect and maintain the normal acidic p..
5.10€ 7.03€
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Frezyderm INTIM VAGINAL DOUCHE CHAMOMILE pH 4.5 Intravaginal Cleanser 150 ml
-37 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 422313
Free of parabens and fragranceProduct CEIntravaginal cleanser that enhances the normal flora, hygiene and deodorization of the vagina. Provides relief from itching, burning and dryness, protects the vaginal pH, rejuvenates the vaginal epithelium after menstruation and removes secretions or residues ..
3.79€ 6.03€
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