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Neck - Neckline

Benelica Neck & Decolletage Cream, with Snail Secretion, 50ml
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Brand: Benelica Product Code: 10105
Cream with soft texture and silky feeling for the neck and décolleté.CONCERNS SKIN TYPEWith fine lines and wrinkles.With deep wrinkles. With relaxation.With dryness. With lack of elasticity.With lack of brightness.With reduced vigor.With snail secretions, hyaluronic acid, copper complex and natural ..
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Bepanthol PROMO Anti-Wrinkle Cream for Face Eyes Neck 50ml + FREE Body Lotion 100ml in a practical handbag
-24 %
Brand: Bepanthol Product Code: 5200309851586
Bepanthol® Anti-Wrinkle Face, Eye & Neck Cream clinically proven:Significantly reduces wrinklesImproves ToughnessNourishes, offers Glow and Hydration2The clinically proven anti-aging action of Bepanthol® Anti-Wrinkle Face, Eye & Neck Cream is due to the valuable ingredients it contains:Juven..
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Fito + 24 hour Face Cream with Aloe 50ml
-10 %
Brand: fito+ Product Code: 5205871259136
Fito + 24 hour Face Cream with Aloe 50mlContains:Natural Cretan Aloe, Dittany, ThymeCalendula, Panthenol, Biotin, InositolVitamins, A, E, F, B5The antioxidant action of Aloe is known and supports the anti-aging of the skin.Detoxifies and regenerates the skin.The company FITO + is a purely Greek comp..
7.20€ 8.00€
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Fito + 24 hour Face, Eye & Neck Cream With Hyaluronic And Nutripeptides 50ml
-10 %
Brand: fito+ Product Code: 5205871658304
The new line of Fito + with hyaluronic and nutripeptides for dry skin consists of the 24-hour herbal face, eye & neck cream and the herbal face, eye and neck serum. Hyaluronic acid is predominant in hydrating tissues and retaining water in them.The NUTRIPEPTIDES® contained, derived from hydrolyz..
8.10€ 9.00€
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FITO + Lift Gold 24 hour Herbal Face & Neck Cream 50mL
-10 %
Brand: fito+ Product Code: 5205871322151
The company fito + you "presents" the series Fito + Lift (Herbal facial serums) with IBPN technology (Interpenetrating BioPolymer Network) which has been developed and patented by the French company SILAB with which the company Fito + has a direct cooperation. The Botox view herbal serum of the Fito..
10.26€ 11.40€
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Fito + Lifting Elixir No3 (over 55 years old), 24 hour Face, Eye & Neck Cream, Firming, Anti-Aging & Lifting, 50ml
-10 %
Brand: fito+ Product Code: 5206246359383
The most effective Lifting line of Fito + is now "near you" at an economical price and luxurious packaging with herbal bioactive PRO-COLL-ONE +. and balances the production of keratin, elastin and collagen fibers, while effectively treating dullness and discoloration of the skin. Balances the produc..
9.90€ 11.00€
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-38 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 5202888271038
Reduces wrinkles by 50%.Parabens freeFormulated to restore skin back to health, our Anti Wrinkle Day Face Cream works to reduce wrinkles, firm skin and prevent signs of ageing.Either applied to the face or neck, this rich cream is non-oily and provides skin with long lasting hydration throughout the..
21.79€ 35.15€
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-25 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 5202888271045
Reduces wrinkles by 71%Parabens freeThis nourishing anti-wrinkle cream works overnight to stimulate and enhance the regeneration of skin cells. The cream’s formula reduces the size and depth of wrinkles and stimulates the production of collagen, lipids and proteins that work as natural wrinkle fille..
27.68€ 36.90€
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-41 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 5202888271243
Reduces wrinkles by 26%Parabens freeOur award-winning anti ageing cream helps reduce expression and static wrinkles on the face and neck including the forehead, crow's feet, mouth and nose. Formulated with herbal extracts that help smooth and reduce the size of wrinkles.Can also be used after invasi..
30.29€ 51.06€
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-42 % Delivery 4-10 Days
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 427128
Face Cream for enhanced active and passive hydration of mature and / or weathered skin, without aesthetic interventions. Thanks to the specially designed natural diamond crystals and the Boron Nitride it contains, it accelerates cell renewal, offering a glowing and radiant skin. At the same time, a ..
33.95€ 58.41€
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Hot! -41 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 5202888271298
* 36% reduction of wrinkles17.5% reduction in skin roughness **18% improvement of skin relief **Cream with enhanced anti-aging action for immediate tightening and rapid reduction of wrinkles on mature and / or damaged skin, without aesthetic interventions. The innovative crystalline structure of dia..
38.59€ 64.93€
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Frezyderm Neck Contour Cream 50ml
-29 %
Brand: FREZYDERM Product Code: 5202888271199
Collagen fibres are strengthened by 66% & elastin fibres become firmer by 57%Parabens freeA specialised cream that firms and lifts the neck while reducing the double chin. It contains Phyto Lifting, a natural lifting agent of herbal origin which provides deep hydration and helps lift loose skin...
26.90€ 37.75€
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