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Insect repellents - Reptiles - Mites

ALLERGOpet Spray - Anti-allergy Protection, biocidal repellent for mites, bed bugs and fleas 500ml
-27 %
Product Code: 5200401800000
Allergopet is an approved biocidal repellent spray with geranium for mites, bed bugs and fleas.It inhibits the growth of mites and neutralizes for a long time, at least four months, the allergenic loads caused by mites and their feces, offering effective anti-allergic protection.It is necessary for ..
14.69€ 20.00€
Ex Tax:14.69€
Pankill 0,2 CS RTU Ready-to-use insecticide, acaricide 500ml
-32 %
Product Code: 5200129921582
Ready-to-use, insecticidal, acaricidal solution of health importance in the form of a microcapsule. The active ingredient in the insecticide bifenthrine kills insects and mites either by contact or by ingestion. Suitable for houses with pets or for soldiers who need immediate protection from bed bug..
10.27€ 15.00€
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Power Health Fleriana Reptile Insect repellent spray 400ml
-35 %
Brand: POWER HEALTH Product Code: 5200102460435
Power Health Fleriana Natural Solution Reservoir for reptiles 400mlAll NaturalAnd the insects put it on their feetAnd of course we mean reptiles.Those who αργ walk slowly and menacingly and "scare" us with its disgusting face.Now you can defeat them with the first 100% natural product against walkin..
5.15€ 7.95€
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Pubex plus spray pesticide spray 250ml
-16 %
Product Code: 9653800000004
Pubex plus sprayPubex spray is an effective and safe pesticide, which kills flying insects in a few minutes in residential areas, but also in areas where there are animals.  It works effectively on flying insects of health importance such as flies, mosquitoes, mosquitoes (fleas), fleas, etc.Har..
7.55€ 9.00€
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