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TOMYKA TOMYDOO Electrical Device for Nasal Obstruction

TOMYKA TOMYDOO Electrical Device for Nasal Obstruction
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TOMYKA TOMYDOO Electrical Device for Nasal Obstruction
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Electrical device for nasal obstruction.

Fast and efficient suction of nasal secretions.

Safe and easy to use even in newborns.

No risk of contamination, as all components are washed and sterilized.

With 3 silicone suction nozzles. White for intense nasal secretions, blue for daily use and pink for babies 0 to 3 months.

You can purchase additional parts for the device

2 year warranty with proof of purchase.

Why a nasal obstruction device is necessary:

Infants and toddlers up to 2 years old can not yet blow their noses or excrete mucus. The Eustachian tube that connects the back of the nose (nasopharynx) to the middle ear is a narrow tube and has the normal function of opening and closing mainly in swallowing, thus refreshing the air and equalizing the pressure between the middle ear cavity and the external environment. , so that our ear works normally.

In newborns and children, however, it is immature, small in size and has a horizontal position (in adults it has a slope of 45 degrees downwards and facilitates the elimination of fluid and mucus).

Children's immune systems are still underdeveloped.

It has been proven that the cleaner your baby's nose is, the less viruses and otitis it will cause your baby to suffer. Do not try to clean his nose with a tissue or your finger, as this may push the mucus deeper or injure your child's nose.

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